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From early times Assam was a significant region in Indian history, yet not much is know about its coinage before the third quarter of the fifteenth century A.D. The earliest coins are those that were issued from Tripura by the ruler Ratnamanikya in 1467. Since then, the coins were issued uninterruptedly till the last quarter of the nineteenth century.

Other coins of Assam were issued by the Ahom, Koch, Kachari and Jayantia dynasties which were closely related to one another. The Ahoms invaded Brahmaputra valley from their former home in the Shan States in 1228. Soon hereafter they firmly established their power in the upper parts of the valley. In course of time Ahom rulers adopted Indian names for themselves along with their Ahomese names. The earliest coin was issued by the king Su-Seng-Pha (Jayadhvaja Singh) in 1648. The Ahomese rulers gave their coins an entirely original octagonal shape, which is said to have been chosen in accordance with a passage, in the Yogini Tantra, which describes Kamarupa as being eight-sided.
Ahom Kingdom
Silver Rupee, Gadadhara Simha, Supatpha (SE 1603-1618/1681-1696AD), SE 1681, lion and bird type, 10.9g. (KM 30).
Rs. 5000
Silver Rupee, Rudra Simha, Sukhrungpha (SE1618-1636/1696-1714AD), SE 1620, 11.3g. (KM 40).
Rs. 600
Silver Rupee, Shiv Simha, Suthanpha and Queen Sarveshvari, (SE1637-1666/1715-1744AD) SE1661, (KM 112) 11.4g.
Rs. 800

Silver ¼ Rupee, Rajeswara Simha, Suprempha (SE1673-1691/1751-1769AD), SE 1676, 2.8-2.9g. (KM 132).

Rs. 500
Silver Rupee, Rajeswara Simha, Suprempha SE 1675, 11.4g. (KM 133).
Rs. 750

The rise of the Marathas began in the seventeenth century under the strong leadership of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja who rose from the ranks of a soldier in service of the Golkonda Empire, he went on to establish his own kingdom. While he established his power in the north, his brother Venkoji established himself in the south, at Tanjore. While the authority of the former later passed into the hands of the Peshwas, the members of Ekoji’s family continued till the middle of the nineteenth century.

With the usurpation of power by Balaji, the Peshwa Maratha power grew and a great Maratha confederation formed. In 1695 it reached its zenith and dominated Central India and influenced the north and east of the country.

Copper 1 Paisa, issued by Satara Rajas in the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji , ND , probably Satara, 9g. (KM 188).

Rs. 50
Silver Rupee in the name of Aurangzeb, (AH1068-1118/1658-1770 AD), Chikodi , ND , 11.2g. (KM 96).
Rs. 400

Silver Rupee, in the name of Aurangzeb, Nipani , 11.4g. (KM 202).


Rs. 400

Silver Rupee, in the name of Shah Alam II, (AH 1174-1221/AD 1759-1806) , Ahmedabad, AH 1xxx/35, 11.6g. (similar to KW & M T4b).
Rs. 400

Silver Rupee, in the name of Shah Alam II, Athni Shahjahanbad , AH 1181/15, 11.2g. (KM 70).

Rs. 700

Silver Rupee, in the name of Shah Alam II, Aurangnagar Mulher, with devnagari Mu 11.1g. (similar to KM T3).

Rs. 1500
Silver Rupee, in the name of Shah Alam II, Bagalkot , Dar-ul-Khilafat Shahjahanabad, xx81, 11.1 g (KM 82).
Rs. 400
Silver Rupee, in the name of Shah Alam II, Bagalkot, AD 1819, 11 g (KW & M T3, KM 271).
Rs. 400

Silver Rupee, Bhoslas of Nagpur in the name of Muhammad Shah (AH1131-1161/1719-1748AD) Chanda, Surat in barborous form, 10.7g. (KM 5 ).

Rs. 350

Silver Rupee, issued by Patwardans of Miraj in the name of Mohommad Shah, Shah-i-Zaman type, Sarkar Torgal, Narsinpur, 11g. (KM 255).


Silver Rupee, in the name of Ahmed Shah Bahadur (AH 1161-1167/ 1748-1754AD), Jhansi Balwantnagar , 1164/4, 11.2g.

Rs. 1500
Silver Rupee, in the name Alamgir II (AH 1167-1173/ 1754-1759AD), Jhansi Balwantnagar, AH1167/Ahd, 11.2g.
Rs. 800

Silver Rupee, issued by local governor Mirza Najaf Khan in the name of Shah Alam II, Kora, x/8, 11.1g. (KM 650).


Rs. 400

Silver Rupee, Ankushi, in the name of Shah Ali Guhar, period of Baji Rao II, x/12, Pune, 11g.
Rs. 250


Silver Rupee in the name of Shah Alam II, (AH1173-1221/1759-1806AD), Sharanpur Dar us Surur, AH 1219/46, 11g. (KW&M T1).
Rs. 350
Silver Rupee, in the name of Alamgir II (AH 1167-1173/ 1754-1759AD), Muradabad, AH 1168/2 (KM 76.1) 11.3g.
Rs. 250
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