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1) 2nd International Colloquium: Numismatics and Archeology.

Book Info: IIRNS, Nasik , Maharashtra, India.1987.143 pages + b/w illustrations .Cardcovers.


The book is an edition of articles written by renowned numismatists and scholars on various themes.
The book contains research articles on Punch-mark, Satavahana Post- Gupta , coinage and minting process .

Rs. 400
2) A Journey from Bombay to Mumbai

Book Info: Shukla Day , Bombay Coin Fair, Mumbai. 2004. 60 pages+ colour and b/w illustrations. Card covers.


This volume commemorating memories and dedication of the distinguished numismatist Shri S M Shukla is an appreciable attempt to elucidate Bombay's early and varied numismatic history .The articles present a historic spectrum of this enigmatic city and her complex socio-political equations that have caused dramatic changes and that continues to this day. The souvenir is beautifully illustrated with rare coin photographs, attractive post cards and recherché maps. A significant addition to numismatic literature .

Rs. 100
3) A study in the Satavahana Coinage .
Author:  Mala Dutta
Book Info: Harman publishing House , New Delhi. 1990. xiv , 355 pages + XXXVI plates + map .Hardcovers with a dust wrapper.


The book is a detail study of Satavahana coins along with an exhaustive bibliography and photographic illustrations. The work is a pioneering attempt to consolidate Satavahana numismatics evidence in a scientific manner.

Rs. 900
4) A Treasury of Indian Coins .
Editor:  Martha Carter
Book Info: Marg Publication , Bombay , India.1994. 132 pages+ colour and b/w illustrations. Hardcover with paper wrapper.


This book has eleven articles on various themes in Indian numismatics and written by renowned numismatists. The articles range from ancient era to modern times , touching on the highlights o the traditions that made India one of the greatest coin issuing countries in the world. In every essay, discussing the marriage of art & wealth the intent has been to reach and stimulate a wide audience. All together a meritorious and proficient work .

Rs. 3500
5) Bhartiya Sikke : Ek Eitahisik Parichay.
Editor:  Amiteshwar Jha.
Book Info: IIRNS publications , Nasik, Maharashtra.India.2003.160 pages+ 8 pages + colour & b/w illustrations. Cardcovers.


This richly illustrated work in hindi gives complete details of coins issued in India from the beginning to present day .The book covers almost all types of coins issued in ancient , medieval and modern period in India. An excellent and advantageous publication.

Rs. 260
6) British Colonial and Commonwealth Coins.
Author:  Andre P.de Clermont & John Whealer.
Book Info: Spink and Son Limited , London.1986. 704 pages + b/w illustrations . Hardcovers.


The catalogue consist of coin listing, valuation and photographs of over three centuries of British coinage. A necessary and important reference .

Rs. 1800
7) Coin and Currency System in Gupta Bengal .
Author:  B.N. Mukherjee.
Book Info: Harman Publishing House , New Delhi . 1992. 100 pages + 7 plates + illustrations in text. Hardcovers.


Divided in six chapters , this monograph discusses the data and problems of coinage of Gupta Bengal in a comprehensive manner. Produced by one of the most well known historians of ancient India & the scholar mainly responsible for the reconstruction of the numismatic history of ancient India & the numismatic history of ancient Bengal , this monograph is an outstanding contribution to the numismatic literature of the Indian subcontinent.

Rs. 200
8) Coin Identifier
Author:  Burton Hobson.
Book Info: Sterling publishing co. Inc. New York.1967 . 88 pages mostly illustrated. Hardcovers.


The book is an excellent work and an important acquisition for anyone interested in numismatics. It provides detailed and concise information on world coins.
The book primarily includes inscription on coins, visual identification of coins, dated lists of rulers and table of equivalent names.

Rs. 750

9) Coinage of Akbar : The Connoiseur's Choice
Author:  Andrew Liddle.
Book Info: Kapoori Devi Charittable Trust, Gurgoan.2005.1-89 pages + I-XXXIV colour plates. Hardcover with a dust wrapper .


This beautifully written and illustrated book is an excellent reference for all medieval Indian numismatic scholars, researchers , collectors and dealers.

Rs. 750
10) Coinage of Bhonsala Rajas of Nagpur
Author:  Prashant Kulkarni.
Book Info: Indian Coin Society , Nagpur ,Bombay, India. 1990.261 pages+ 3maps + illustrations in text. Hard covers.


This book is a study of the coins struck by Bhonsala Rajas of Nagpur, the Maratha rulers. Through a detailed and indepth study of the coins and mints of this ruling ascendancy much new light is shed not only on the history of Bhonsala Rajas itself but also on the organization of currency in the province under their control. A substantial reference for all numismatists , collectors and historians.

Rs. 200

11) Coins
Author:   P.L.Gupta.
Book Info: National book trust, India, New Delhi, 1969 .230 pages + xxxiv plates. Card covers.


The book is an exhaustive work in studies of Indian numismatics, almost covering entire period from origin of coins of India to its present day. The author proffers the story of the coins of India for the readers in a simple and attractive way. The work is an essential reference for all numismatists, collectors, historians and dealers.

Rs. 70

12) Coins of Ahom Kingdom .
Author:   Anup Mitra.
Book Info: Mahua Mitra publication , Calcutta , India. 2001.132 pages+ b/w illustrations.Hardcovers


This monograph is an excellent work on coins of Ahom Kingdom and is a useful catalogue. A worthwhile accumulation for numismatists, coin collectors, historians and readers in general.

Rs. 300

13) Coins of the Megha Vahana Dynasty of Coastal Andhra .
Author:   D. Raja Reddy & P.Suryanarayan Reddy.
Book Info: The Numismatic Society of Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh, India. 24 pages+ b/w illustration . Cardcovers.


The monograph is one of a series designed to bring out the significance of Deccan coins. The study focus on the coins of the Megha Vahana Dynasty of Kalina whose rule extended into coastal Andhra region.

Rs. 30

14) Collector's Guide to Indian Canteen Tokens
Author:   Praful Thakkar, Dilip Rajgor (edt.)
Book Info: Thakkar Numismatic & Art Foundation , Cary , New York.2004. 88 pages + colour illustrations in text .Cardcovers.


The work is a useful reference for collectors of Canteen Tokens issued in India since 1930. The catalogue includes canteen tokens of well established Mills, Mint, Hotel, Company, Military and others.


15) Collector's Guide to Mughal Coins.
Author:   Dilip Rajgor , Zubair Khan (Calligraphy).
Book Info: University of Mumbai , Dinesh Mody Numismatic Museum , Mumbai,2002. 48 pages + 93 illustrations in text.Card covers.


The Mughal coins have fascinated coin collectors, numismatists and historian alike. The book is well designed and provides an elaborate information on chronology, dating and standard coin pattern. The sections on mint epithets and mint towns are useful for advanced collectors and scholars. A useful guide book for all interested in Mughal coins.

Rs. 200

16) Delhi Coin Fair : Souvenir 1997.

Book Info: Delhi Coin Society , New Delhi, India .1997. 62 pages + b/w illustrations. Card covers.


Rs. 95

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