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49) The Aga Khan & his Ancestors :A Biographical and Historical sketch.

Author: Naoroji M.Dumasia

Book Info: The Times of India Press in Bombay, India. 1939. 375 pages + 24 illustrations. Hardcovers.


His highness Aga Khan has been recognized as one of the leading personalities of the British Empire. His achievements in many different and varied fields have earned for him a unique position in the political & social life today. A far sighted statesman whose advise is sought by the highest authorities in the empire, a religious leader looked up to with reference by millions of his co-religionists, an Indian patriot the Afghan is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular personalities of the age. A great political and social benefitor , Aga Khan truly mark as one of the most influential man of the age. The book is a work of great political importance and is a genuine pleasure to read.

Rs. 2500

50) The Coinage of Assam : Pre-Ahom period, Vol I.

Author: N.G. Rhodes and S.K.Bose.

Book Info: Kolkata, Guwahati, 2003.134 pages+ plates X + illustrations in text. Hard covers.


The coinage of Assam, Vol.I is indeed a seminal work of N.G.Rhodes & S.K.Bose on the coinage and monetary development in Assam in the pre-Ahom period. The authors have not only exhaustively listed and elaborately discussed the numismatic aspect of the coins issued but also placed them in historical perspectives of Assam in the Pre-Ahom period to explain the linkage of the coinage in socio-political & cultural development in the context of time and space. The study provides general historical survey of the period reviewed & a brief history of the dynasties, followed by discussions on the coinage of each dynasty in various sections.

Rs. 400

51) The Coinage of Native States of India .

Author: S. K. Bhatt.

Book Info: Academy of Indian Numismatics & Sigillography , Indore , India. 1985. b/w illustrations + 21 plates.


This book gives detailed account and illustrations of coins of Jabhua , Ralam and Dhar States in Central India.

Rs. 200

52) The coins of Tamilnadu .

Author: K.Ganesh

Book Info: Precision Foto type Services, Banglore, India.2002.234 pages + illustrations in text. Card covers.


The work is an attempt to record coins in Tamilnadu prevalent during ninth to eighteenth
Century. The book includes history and coins of Cholas, Pandyas, Konga Cheras, Nayaks of Madurai, Thanjuvar and Gingee, Marathas of Thanjuvar and Gingee, Banas, Sethupatis, Sivganga Rajas, Madurai Sultans, Nawab of Arcot and other minor chieftains. In all about 700 coin types are recorded.The book certainly is a valuable addition to the existing works on South Indian coinage.

Rs. 350

56) The Coins of the Indian Sultanate Covering the area of present day India , Pakistan and Bangladesh. .

Author: Stan Goron and J P Goenka

Book Info: Munshiram Manohar Publishers Pvt. Ltd.,New Delhi, India.2001. 564 pages + upwards of 3000 illustrations + 6 maps + 8 other half-tone illustrations. Cloth with dustwrapper.


The coinage of the Indian Sultanate is a very important primary source for helping us to understand the political and economic history of much of what is now India , Pakistan and Bangladesh during the period from the beginning of the thirteenth century AD until the seventeenth century when the last of the Sultanate , that of Bijapur , was absorbed into the Mughal Empire. The book gives details of coins with Persian legends on the coins with its english translations, weight, size and rarity . Brief histories are included for each Sultanate as well as comments on the coinage. An extensive bibliography is also provided. This book serve as an essential reference for students and collectors of Indian Sultanate coins and anyone interested in this period of South Asian history.

Rs. 3000

57) The Coins of the Sikhs .

Author: Hans Herrli

Book Info: Indian Coin Society , Mahal , Nagpur ,1993. 255 pages + 418 line arts + 5 maps. Hard covers.


The book is a pioneering comprehensive effort in study of Sikh coins. It gives detailed history of Sikhs and varied coins issued by them from various mints. This is further appended by General Taylor report on coinage of the Phulkian States, medals and tokens and European travelers and adventurers in Ranjit Singh's empire.

Rs. 500

58) The Coins of the Sikhs .

Author: Hans Herrli

Book Info: Munshiram Manoharlal Publisher Pvt. Ltd. Delhi , India. 2004. xi,301 pages + xi maps + b/w illustrations.


This second revised and augmented edition is an excellent work on history and information on Sikh coins. The book in the first part gives a short historical survey of the Sikh coinage and in second , an illustrated catalogue of all known Sikh coin type arranged by mints. Several appendices offer a brief survey of Sikh tokens and medals and a few important numismatic texts in extensor. This book is not only a useful tool for coin collectors , but also a source of material for historian and students of the economy of the Sikh empire.

Rs. 925

59) The Coins of the Vijaynagar Empire.

Author: K. Ganesh and Dr. Girijapathy.

Book Info: K Ganesh Publication , Bangalore , India.1997. iii ,135 pages + b/w illustrations. Cardcover.


The book gives information on history and coinage of Vijaynagar empire. A very useful edition for south Indian coin researcher, numismatists , coin collectors and historians.

Rs. 120

60) The Currencies of the Hindu States of Rajaputana

Author: William Wilferd Webb.

Book Info: Indological Book House , Varanasi , 1972. xvii ,131 pages + XII plates . Hard covers.


The Rajputana is the name of a great territorial circle 1,26,000 sq. miles .Of the all India States, chiefship and estates ,19 were Rajputs, 2 Jat and two Mahomedan. The major states included were Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bharatpur, Tonk and others. The book is an extensive work giving details of the history, coinage, mint, and illustrations of 16 states than included in Regency Rajputana. An important reference for numismatist and historians .

Rs. 1500

61) The Journal of the Numismatic Society of India. Vol.LVI .Part I & II.

Author: Prof. Lallanji Gopal (chief edt.) , P.N.Singh , M. S. Krishnamurthy , P.P. Kulkarni (edts.)

Book Info: 153 pages + b/w illustrations.


The volume consist of articles on coins of ancient , medieval and modern India.


62) The Pallava Coins .

Author: R Krishnamurthy.

Book Info: Garnet Publication, Chennai , India. 2004.196 pages + colour illustrations & b/w sketches. Card cover.


The book is a first full length study in English on coins of the Pallavas who held sway over different times, roughly from the beginning of fourth century to the end of ninth century A.D. The work is very useful for archeologists , numismatists , historians , curators of the Museums , coin collectors and the general readers


63) The price guide to coins of Kutch state.

Author: Rohit Damji Shah

Book Info: Reesha Book International, California 1999. 91 pages + Colour and b/w illustrations. Card covers.


This richly illustrated work is an important addition to the numismatic literature on Kutch coins. Coins of all eighteen rulers of Kutch are included along with interesting information on coin weights, VS/AD date cross reference and twenty years price increase of selected coins. The book furnishes an elaborate price guide for the Kutch coins as per their rarity.


64) Triven: Commemoration Volume, The Journal of Academy of Indian Numismatics and Sigillography, Vol VII-VIII.

Author: Dr. S.K.Bhatt

Book Info: Academy of Indian Numismatics and Sigillography , Indore, 2003.lxix +112 pages+ illustrations in text. Card covers.


This major edition honoring the memory of Dr. Harihar Vithal Trivedi, Dr.S.V. Sohani and Prof.Ajay Mitra Shastri include excellent articles on coins of various periods and place. The work includes 19 articles and a book reviews on 8 books on different numismatics subjects.

Rs. 600

65) Triven: Commemoration Volume, The Journal of Academy of Indian Numismatics and Sigillography, Vol VII-VIII.

Author: Dr. S.K.Bhatt

Book Info: Harman Publishing House, New Delhi.2004. Hardcover with dust jacket.
Pages i-ix, 1- 81 + b/w illustrations in text.


The present monogram is an attempt to study the art motifs on the coins of India from the earliest times to c150 AD. An introduction in the beginning presents the features of art in ancient Indian Coinage. Imperial Gupta coins are discussed specially. Some beautifully struck coins, which my be termed as masterpieces of ancient Indian numismatic art, have been illustrated, described and commented upon.

Rs. 400

66) Coins in India Power and Communication.

Author: Himanshu Prabha Ray (edt.)

Book Info: Marg Publishing, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, India.2006 Hardcover with dust jacket. Pages 1-116 + colour illustrations in text.


This volume focuses on the socio-cultural connotations of coinage in terms of power, authority, and rule legitimization, placing numismatic studies in the context of cultural history. This volume discusses the numismatic tradition from several disciplinary perspectives such as history, archeology, economics, and numismatic studies. The contributors to the volume are distinguished numismatists and historians. An important and significant addition to numismatic literature.


67) Gold Fanams. (1336-2000 AD)

Author: Hans Herrli.

Book Info: Reesha Books International. Mumbai.2006. Hard cover with dust jacket.
Pages i-vi, 1-182 + b/w illustrations in text


This book is an elaborate work on Gold fanams in India .It gives information on weight, one sided- fanams, Legends, Attribution, note on genuine, copy, imitation, fabricated or fake fanams. The diverse kind of fanams that book cover are the Vira Raya fanam, the Ikkeri fanam, the Kali fanam, Cobra fanam, Fanams of Maratha of Tanjore, the Kanthirava fanams, fanams with nagri script, fanams with Arabic legends, fanams with psuedo-Persian legends, Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan fanams, modern fakes and fabricated fanams and lot of various unidentified fanams. The book has a very informative Appendix of Dynasties in South India, Account of Aloysis Cadamosto on weight and money in Calicut, notes on coinage of South India, Table of coins from E.Ives-1754 and an article on Indian Gold Myth and Reality.

Rs. 400

68) Coins of Indian State Part A.

Author: S C Gupta.

Book Info: Kapoori Devi Chartible Trust (Regd.), Gurgoan. 2005.
Pages blank+5+1-225 + colour illustrations in text. Hard cover with dust jacket.


The present volume is a concise catalogue of coins issued by various Indian Princely State in Gold, Silver and Copper along with its present market prices. The present work covers the States with names starting from A- J. The book is a good guide to the coins of Native States. It has a very useful appendices consisting of a list of all Indian States at the time of Partition, list of British ruler before 1947 AD, a list Mughal rulers before 1947 AD, formula of converting Eras, numerical in three languages, comparative table of Hejira & Christian era and a formula to learn Urdu language.

Rs. 750

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