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17) Foreign Coins found in the Indian sub-continent : 4 th International Colloqium.

Author:   David W MacDowall & Amiteshwar Jha (edt.)

Book Info: IIRNS publication , Nasik , Maharashtra , India. 1995. 1-132 pages , b/w illustrations in text. Card covers.


Rs. 700

18) Holkar Rajya Ke Sikko Ka Itihas .

Author:   Dr.Shashikant Bhatt , Dr. Pradeep Sathe , Prince Richard Holkar.

Book Info: Academy of Indian Numismatics & Sigillography , Indore , India.1996.xii, 29 pages + XXI plates.


Rs. 70
19) Jital : A catalogue and account of the coins denomination of daily use in medieval Afghanistan and North-west India.

Author:  Robert and Monica Tye

Book Info: Isle of South list, 1995.183 pages+ illustration in text. Hard cover.


The book is an exquisite work on Jital currency. It primarily deals with cataloguing series of jitals and silver copper issues that were closely associated with them. The work further explore study of medieval Indo-Persian trade in a numismatic perspective. The book is a study of denomination sets that would enable a numismatist and an economic historians to interpret and sketch the policies of then ruling government.

Rs. 1500
20) Kings and Coins in India- Greek & Saka Self Advertisement.

Author:  R. Mortan Smith.

Book Info: Harman Publishing House , New Delhi, India. 1997.149 pages + Monographs & Symbols (p.150-154) .


The present work seeks to establish a chronology that makes historical sense paying attention to the Indian information of the period of the Indo- Greek & Indo Scythian Kings down to the establishment of the Kushan dynasty . In essence, a historical study in a numismatic perspective .

Rs. 550
21) Kosala State Region : c.600-470 BC , Silver Punch Mark Coinage.

Author:  Paul Murphy.

Book Info: The Ahata Project , IIRNS, Nasik , Maharashtra, India. 2001.i-xi, 1-96 pages + b/w illustrations in text. Cardcover.


This offprint of Kosala punchmarked has trapped all possible resources / publication to arrive at an excellent product on the types/ varities of punch marked coins attributable to Kosala Janapada area.

Rs. 450
22) Late Roman Copper Coins from South India : Karur & Madurai .

Author:  R . Krishnamurthy.

Book Info: Garnet Publication , Madras , India .1994.
xvi , 140 pages + XXXV plates + colour & b/w illustrations + 2 maps. Cloth covers.


The book is the culmination of author's explorations into the fascinating realm of late Roman copper coins. The work is a comprehensive study of coins in relation to the history of the period.

Rs. 1200
23) Local Coins of Ancient India. A new series coins of Malhar.

Author:  S.B.Majumdar.

Book Info: IIRNS , Nasik , Maharashtra , India. 2000.vi,30 pages + X plates + map.


Local coins of ancient India , particularly in the Post Maurayan period , are of immense historical importance as very often are the only source of information available. Therefore, the discovery and this publication of a new series of local coins at Malhar , Bilaspur district , Madhya Pradesh is a very welcome addition to the Indian Numismatics.

Rs. 125
24) Maratha Mints & Coinage

Author:  K.K.Maheshwari and Kenneth W. Wiggin.

Book Info: Indian Institute of Research in numismatic studies, Nasik, Maharashtra, India, 1989.
244 pages + illustration in the text + maps.. Card covers.


This catalogue is unique in providing the collectors with the only comprehensive and authoritative guide devoted specifically to the coins issued by Marathas. The work includes significant information on Maratha rulers & their coinage. The various coins are catalogued under the heading of the mint town, where they were struck or alleged to have been struck. The book is an essential reference and a classic work.


Rs. 350

25) Marg Magazine of Kings and Coins.

Editor:  Martha Carter

Book Info:Marg publication, Army & Navy building , M.G. Road , Bombay,400023. 1994.
1-84 + i-viii pages + colour and b/w illustrations on glossy paper. Cardcovers.


A beautiful and very informative edition on punchmark coins, Indo-Greek , Scytho-Parthian , Kushans ,Gupta and medieval Bengal coins. The book has excellent illustrations in b/w & colour . A worthy addition to the numismatic literature.

Rs. 800
26) Medals of British India with rarity and valuation , Vol 1 .
       Commemorative and Historical Medals from 1750 to 1947

Author:  Robert Puddester

Book Info: Spinks, London . 2002. 562 pages+ over 500 pieces illustration. Hardcover with dust wrapper.


Medals in British India is a richly illustrated work extensively based on medals issued during British Raj. Not just confining itself alone to cataloguing and stating rarity and value of medals , the work delves into history of the person and places found on the issue and provide background information on events and happening depicted.The book certainly is an essential reference and a worthy acquisition !

Rs. 3200

27) Media of exchange in early Medieval North India .

Author:  B.N. Mukherjee.

Book Info: Harman publishing House , New Delhi .1992.97 pages + 6 plates.Cardcovers.


The monetary system of an area is an index to its economic activities . hence for understanding properly the economic history of a given region and period one must know the relevant media of exchange . The study is divided into two section namely , study of coins in early medieval North India a study in their characteristics and Trade and Money. This monograph is certainly an outstanding contribution to the history of India's monetary system.

Rs. 200

28) Medieval India Coins : Essays on the coins of Bengal Sultans.

Author:  G.S.Farid , Danish Moin (comp.)

Book Info: IIRNS publication , Nasik , Maharashtra , India. 2002.1-166 pages , b/w illustrations in text. Cardcovers


This volume includes 28 articles contributed by G.S. Farid a renowned scholar on medieval Indian numismatics especially on the coins of Bengal Sultans.

Rs. 350

29) Mudratattva : 87th Annual conference of the Numismatic Society of India.

Author:  Samaresh Bandyopadhyay (edt.)

Book Info: Calcutta Coin Society, Kolkatta .2003.1-106 pages + illustrations in text. Cardcover.


The volume consist of indepth research articles on various themes of North-west Indian coins. Noteworthy is the article written by Shri. Dineshbhai Mody on A.A.T.A. (Antique and Art Treasure Act) and numismatics

Rs. 200

30) Mughal emperor of India - Akbar and his coins.

Author:  Dr. Pravin Parikh.

Book Info: Calcutta Coin Society, Kolkatta .2003.1-106 pages + illustrations in text. Cardcover.


B.P. Parikh Rajkot, India. 12 pages + VI plates + Genealogical table.Card covers.
The book gives information on history and coins of the Great emperor Akbar. A beneficent to every numismatist and collector.


31) Nasik Nane Sanskruti .

Author: Dilip Balsekar.

Book Info: IIRNS, Nasik , Maharashtra , India. 2003. 1-48 pages + b/w illustrations in text. Cardcovers.


This book in Marathi gives an elaborate account of coins found in Nasik area covering almost period from ancient to present day. A substantial and affordable references for numismatist and coin collectors.


32) Non-Roman Ancient Foreign Coins from Karur in India .

Author: R. Krishnamurthy

Book Info: Garnet Publishers , Chennai, India . 2000. 145 pages+ 10 plates + 6 maps + colour illustrations + b/w sketches. Cardcovers.


The following study is a first attempt in the field of non-Roman ancient foreign coins. This book with explicit and attractive multi-colour photographs, maps, glossary, bibliography and exhaustive index is very useful reference for numismatists, historians, coin collectors and general readers.

Rs. 600

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