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Kushanas, Vasu Deva I (c. 195-230AD), Gold Dinar, Peshawar series with trident over altar, obv: King standing left holding standard and sprinkling incense over alter, rev: Shiva and Bull (Mit 3394). 7.7g. Fine
Rs. 15000
Chandragupta II (c. 375- 414), Gold Dinar, Archer type, obv: Chandra below arm of king, standing left holding bow and arrow in right hand, Garuda standard in field, rev: Lakshmi enthroned on a lotus; legend Shri Vikramah. Very Fine. 8.2g.
Rs. 13000
Chandragupta II (c. 375- 414), Gold Dinar, Horseman type obv: king riding right on horseback, rev: Goddess seated left on a wicker stool, holding a lotus and ribbon and legend Ajitavikramah, (Mit 4817), minor crack at 12 o’clock otherwise very fine.7.8g.
Rs. 30000
Chandragupta II Vikramaditya extended the boundaries of the Gupta Empire from Kashmir in the west to Orissa in the east. He issued coins in all three metals; he was the first Gupta king to introduce silver coins.
Chandragupta II, Gold Dinar, Archer type, obv: king standing left holding bow, arrow in lowered right hand, Garuda standard on his right; rev: Lakshmi seated facing cross legged on lotus, legend Shri Vikramah, (Mit 4802). Very fine.7.7g.
Rs. 14000

Post-Gupta popularly known as coins of Mainamati. Local Kings of Samatata from Bengal (7th to 9th century AD)

Many crude and debased imitations of the Gupta coins are known from the eastern part of West Bengal, Assam and Bangladesh . These coins were in all probability issued by the local rulers of Khadga, Deva and Radha dynasties of Samatata.
Khadga or Deva Dynasties (c.675-700 AD), King Raja Bhata, Gold Dinar, obv: king left holding bow and arrow, standard in field left, Raja under his arm. (Mit 4924-25 & Rhodes : Assam p.15), 5.5g.
Rs. 12500
Shilhara Feudatory Dynasty (10th century), Gold, Fanam. Very fine 0.9g.
Rs. 850
Chandellas of Bundelkhand, Gold Stater of Kirtiverman (AD 1070-1090’s), Lakshmi type, scarce, 4g.
Rs. 8500
Yadavas of Devagiri, Ramachandra, Gold punch-marked Stater, obv: Lotus, Shri, Conch, Sri Rama in five punches, uniface. 3.9g.

Rs. 4500

Delhi Sultan, Ghiyasuddin Tughluq, Gold Tanka, Mulk-i-Tilang, (G&G D303 & similar to Skanda lot 270). Extremely fine and very rare. 10.9g.
This important coin commemorates Tughluq’s conquest of the province of Telingana in southern India . Tilang was the name of the province, whose capital was at Warangal , known as Sultanpur during most of the sultanate period
Rs. 16000
Sultans of Bijapur, Sikandar Ali (AH1083-1097 / AD1672-1688), Gold Pagoda, uncertain symbols on both sides, with Persian letter seen on it. (G&G BJ 47 & similar to Skanda lot 317). Very fine and scarce. 3.3g.
Rs. 4000

Sultans of Jaunpur, Nasir al Din Mahmud Shah (AH 844-861/ AD 1440-1456), Gold Tanka, Tughra legend, (G&G J10). Very fine, scarce. 11.7g.

Rs. 22500
Gold Mohur, in the name of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah (AH1131-1161/ AD1720-1748), Dar-ul-Khilafat Shahjanabad, RY 13 (similar to KM 438.22). Scarce. 10.8g.
Rs. 11000
Awadh, Gold Mohur in the name of Shah Alam II (AH 1221-1253/ AD 1806-1837), AH 1229/26, Brijis Qadr. 10.6g.
Rs. 25000
Gwalior , Jayaji Rao (AH1259-1304/ AD 1843-1886), Gold Mohur of Bhilsa, Persian 11x, bow arrow mark upward with Nagari Ji. 10.8g.
) Hyderabad, Nasir ud Daula (AH1244-1273/ AD 1829-1857) Gold Mohur, in the name of Bahadur Shah II (AH1253-1273/ AD 1837-1858), AH 1265/11, (KM84) 11g.
Jaipur, Gold Mohur, in the name of Ram Singh (AH 1251-1298/AD 1835-1880)and Queen Victoria x/33 (similar to KM 125) date unlisted. 10.8g.
Rs. 11000
East India Company, Madras Presidency, star pagoda, without mint or date, but struck circa 1678-1740. obv: single standing deity, rev: five pointed star added to the middle of the granular field , (KM 288, Prid. 2). Very fine, 3.3g.
Rs. 5000

Sikh Gold, Religious token, undated, but early twentieth century, obv: Guru Nanak seated with Mardana and Bala in the shade of a tree, one line Gurmukhi in exergue, rev: first verse of the Sri Guru Granth Sahab, (Tokens Mit 425). Extremely fine. 10.5g.


Rs. 15000

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